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Everyone’s favourite premium printing company is back with a new campaign for our friends across the pond.

“Let’s Get Physical” is a light-hearted film that’s made to capture the pure joy of great design made real with MOO. The concept was created to inspire the creative people who live and breathe beautifully printed design.

The film opens on a designer who has finally finished creating his masterpiece on the computer. When he clicks “Print”, his world explodes with glitter into dance and song as he enters the amazing world of MOO, where his gorgeous digital design transforms into physical print wonderfulness. The spot ends as he clutches his perfectly printed designs with joy and satisfaction.

Stephanie Shore, Chief Marketing Officer, MOO, commented, “This campaign perfectly captures that ‘pinch me’ moment that many of our customers feel when receiving their MOO packages – realizing that their beautiful designs have become a perfectly-printed reality. We are eager for this new campaign to go live and build on the success of our previous work.”

Mr. President has worked with the incredible team at MOO since 2015, and previously created the “You by MOO” campaign creative which ran in the US from 2016-2018.

Laura Jordan Bambach commented, “As the world becomes more digital, print has never been more powerful. It helps people make real-life, physical connections in a way that digital can’t. MOO helps creative people and businesses represent themselves in this most powerful way and that in itself should be something worth celebrating - with a little glitter and a lot of disco.”

Our “Let’s Get Physical” campaign was developed in collaboration with the in-house creative team at MOO and is now live in the US. Watch it now.

MOO Gets Physical


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