“The more you have, the less predictable you are”, says top WTA coach Wim Fissette to explain the importance of SAP data analytics in tennis. Knowing a game-changer when he sees one, no one could better show fans how coaches and players can get, compare and customise match data to gain competitive advantage.

Fissette breaks-down the functionalities of Patterns of Play, the revolutionary update to SAP Tennis Analytics for coaches. Bringing-to-life how it reveals data-driven insights into how players and opponents react to match situations. Dynamically presented in a virtual court full of animated statistical infographics, he helps fans understand why SAP tech is a game-changer - by showing what it actually does.

This innovative branded content led a wide-reaching social media campaign giving fans a greater appreciation of the sport they love, as well as building affinity for SAP expertise and innovation as a value-adding WTA partner.

• 15.2m Impressions
• 4.7m Reach
• 116k Content Engagements
• 17.9k Click Throughs (to view full content)
• 100% Positive Sentiment
• 13x Return on Media Investment (10x higher than industry average)

Wim (SAP Tennis Ambassador)
WTA (SAP are the official global partner of the WTA)


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