Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services bring the power of AI within reach of business without machine-learning expertise. All it takes is an API, to accelerate AI decision-making in highly responsive and contextually aware apps.

So, to help people understand how they can harness the power of AI, we elevated an often-confusing conversation into an eloquent experience: by making it do something as gratifyingly simple as giving them a drink.

Welcome to The AI Cognitive Bar. Where Microsoft’s Emotion Recognition API ‘reads’ guests’ emotions to select the perfect mood-enhancing drink for them to enjoy, right there in the moment.

Engaging with BDMs by helping them see, quickly and simply, how Azure empowers business with an intelligent edge as they progress their digital transformation.

• 1st AI experience built for multi-event use
• 1000’s of cocktails, mocktails, juices & ice cream served
• PowerBI Data visualisation prevents bar running dry
• Served in the UK, Spain, Holland, India & Vietnam


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