With one in six British children saying they’re unhappy in school and 43,000 UK teachers quitting the profession in 2018, Microsoft is on a mission of Future Proofing the education sector through technology.

Believing the smartest investment we can make is in our students and educators, it’s reimagining ed:tech to give them all Permission to Play.

In a wide-reaching experience at Bett , the UK’s largest ed:tech event, Microsoft demonstrated exactly how the power of play maximises learning in and out of the classroom.

With a basketball court asking questions answered by throwing balls in the right hoops, a Minecraft photo opportunity getting visitors to picture the game as an immersive education resource, NASA STEM demos and Mixed Reality Roman History Tours, the Permission to Play experience showed the world just how Microsoft technology is making ‘limitless learning’ possible.

• 30K attendees
• Number 1 ‘Most Visited Stand’
• Off-floor engagements +40%
• 954 Quizzed on the Court


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