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Hello everybody,

An Android Application regarding to your Companies operating for effectively representation on the Market

Our Company IT-Future has been in operation in Germany Bonn and make contribution by modification on Programming to Android Application by all over the world.

Our experience in the field of Android Application Development and our ability involve programming and designing has given us the necessary technical awareness to be able to make a valuable contribution to System Development Program of Android Platform.

Because the needs of Client or customers are going to be change over time I would be able to modify or customize the Android Application for clients satisfied by logical and technical designing.

I would like mention my latest Application regarding to law firm " Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri" which I have

been created on behalf of Ms. N.Sabri who is acts as an Attorney/Lawyer.

Ms. Sabri is as an Attorney/Lawyer being authorized to act in Germany in cologne on her client's behalf.

I have been published/released the Application "Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri " on Google play store and it is available to download by everyone for everywhere on the world.

If your are consider there are being the Requirements to have an Application such as

"Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri" to represent your operation on the Market , my company would be able

to modify or customize an Android Application for your needs in that regard.

My company has been able to satisfy its customers and contractors by presenting quality and safe services.

With an Android Application your will have being announced by so much International Market leading Companies which are going to get in touch with your Company aim interact to your Company all the world.

Most of the Fact I mentioned will help your Company to be effectively on the Market, please feel free to come into contact with me, I would be open to hear about your project regarding to the own Android Application for your Company.

If you are interested, let me know I'll be happy to hear from you to go through everything in a bit more detail.

If you need more information, do please get in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My phone number:

Kind regards,

N. Moghaddam

-------------------------------------note please below!!!--------------------------------------------

There are some information about may latest application " Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri"

***** Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri *****

The Application is going to show a Splash image. There would be able to show the image in the center of the Screen.

Splash Image is going to be appear and loading the Screen at the first time while you open it.

The Image is going to leave the Screen a few second (6 second) after loading the application.

It is look like an Application on the Brand.

After showing the logo to the user there is going to move to the next screen, this is going to be a new screen/ view. There is going to be able to move from one screen to other.

The application has got five tabs:

1. Tab is going to show the Map View of cologne in Germany

2. Tab is going to show the Map View of cologne in Germany

3. Tab is a view of describing the qualify to Mrs. Sabri of English

4. Tab is a view of describing the qualify to Mrs. Sabri of Germany

5. Tab is the Image one refer to the Law

The Clients would be able to download the Application by login on Google play store:

Google -> google play store -> Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri

An administrator for the web page would be able Clients to link directly on Google play store by

modify the Link/URL which is mentions below:

Here is the Link to my latest Android Application " Law Rechtsanwaeltin Sabri" on Google play store.


Please keep your information up to date about IT-Future by Google play store.


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