About us

At Müller, our purpose is simple: to uplift everybody with everyday

moments of pleasure. This continues to underpin everything we

do, and we are proud to be creating branded and private label dairy

products that are made in Britain, with milk from British farms.

With an unprecedented investment of over £400m over the next

three years, we are continuing to invest heavily in our capabilities

and our people to develop, manufacture and market a new

generation of branded and private label dairy products.

We are driving new confidence amongst Britain’s dairy farmers and initiating new

ways of thinking for the long term. Dairy is changing for the better and Müller

is at the heart of it.

Dairy has always been one of the largest and most important categories in food

and drink and last year alone the dairy sector in the UK grew by 4.7% versus

the previous year, now worth an impressive £10.98bn1

. As the pioneering

brand in the category, we are working hard to build a vibrant future

for the British dairy industry. This report details exactly how we

will achieve this.

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