Mirna Pticek Art direction, design & creative communication


Noelle is an innovative brand that values imagination and self-expression,
particularly in the fields of the arts, design and beauty. Noelle trusts in the creative process above all and lives for authentic self-expression. It explores the connection between makeup and art. Our face is the canvas on which we express and make our new selves. Noelle brush is the tool which helps us to achieve any look we have in mind and become any person we want to be. Noelle brush is the tool that will prepare us for our everyday stage, for every role we want to play.

Mijo Majhen — Hair
Dajana Pajkic — Makeup
Franjo Matkovic — Photography
Jelena Babic & Mirna Pticek / Bad Drummer — Concept

Date published: 14 December 2020 2020-12-14T08:49:49+0000


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Project featured: on 13th December 2020

Noelle — We love you to be yourself — campaign