Miguel Nogueira Concept Artist


A personal creative work, done when I was learning Zbrush for concept art.
The goal was to learn Zbrush and my very personal goal was to do this while depicting a subject I love. I felt pulled to the graphic power of subculture since as a teen, I experimented with them all. Piercings, tattoos, dreadlocks, the bread and butter of most of them. Using Keyshot, Zbrush, and Photoshop, this was pretty much the start of my career as a serious concept artist.
Looking back, I still like this project and have been updating it with new characters over the years. While the first one out was very hard to make for me, I think I re-did it like 3 times during 6 months to learn the process, the others came naturally, and within days I was able to design new ones very efficiently. A new process and a new perspective at my concept art career were the outcome of all of it, during much pain and screaming at the PC.


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