Mighty Giant Manchester


Latest motion design works as part of the team in Mighty Giant (Manchester, UK)


Music: Makina - Rafaga de Dub

00:04 Supermovers / BBC / Background graphics, accents, texts and numbers.
00:10 The Bees / Mighty Giant / Project concept, graphics and animation.
00:14 A year at Mustard / Mustard / Project concept. Design and animations working together with the team.
00:22 ABP Humber Ports / Design & animation of radar. Assisted with artwork and VFX.
00:25 Holy Cannelloni / Design of the typography for the film title, opening and ending credits.
00:29 Bruntwood, promotional film / Project concept for the film. Artwork and editing working together with the team.
00:34 'Manifesto' by The Horne Section / Animation of the characters in the crowd, eclipse, TV. Assisted with the idea and artwork.
00:39 Signature for Emma in Dengineers / Concept, design and animation.
00:41 'Begin your move to online tests' / The British Council / Animation of the artwork provided.
00:46 Women in Maritime / ABP / Assisted with artwork and animation.
00:50 Manimation titles / Mighty Giant / Title animation.
00:54 10 second thing / Mighty Giant / 2D VFX (water splashes, cannon fire). Assisted with the character design of background pirates.

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Date published: 13 March 2019 2019-03-13T10:07:40+0000


  • BBC, Mustard, The British Council, Bluebird Productions, Bruntwood, ABP, MananimationClient

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