About us

It all began with a sausage – the best bratwurst in Zurich.

Wim Ouboter’s favourite sausage shop was, to his mind, too far to walk but not far enough to warrant getting in the car.

So he invented the very first scooter in 1997. As sales grew, so did his vision for urban mobility and he produced the two wheeled aluminium scooter which exploded onto the market in 2000.

With lots of children desperate to ride the adult scooters, Wim decided to create a scooter for children and so the Mini Micro was born. Its three wheels gives younger children stability when scooting while the lean and steer mechanism makes it easy for them to master. Every aspect of the design and materials are thoroughly thought through, from the soft rubber handle grips to the aluminium frame and durable plastic deck, ensuring the very best quality engineering and design for younger children.

Realising the benefits it gave parents and the confidence and independence it gave children, Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty formed Micro Scooters Limited in the UK. Working with the team in Switzerland they helped to develop the Maxi Micro, using their experience as parents to help make the perfect range of scooters.

Not content with scooters Anna and Philippa also manufacture scooter accessories for the UK and International markets allowing children and adults to personalise their Micro Scooters.

This visionary spirit in both Switzerland and the UK means innovation is at the heart of Micro. Micro products are often copied but this pioneering passion means products are always being improved and ensure Micro remains the best.

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