We had a theory, to go viral you need three things: Creativity at speed, a bit of opportunism and a pinch of humour.

When we heard there was going to be a tube strike, we thought we would test our theory.

On the day of the London Tube Strike, we rushed out (48 hours from start to finish) an interactive website that tracked how Londoner’s used social media to rant and rave about their frustrations.

It pulled live data from Twitter and Instagram, and brought it to life across web and mobile in an interactive map that highlighted Londoner's propensity to have a bit of a whinge, using language unfit for your nana's ears.We then threw our social team into action with some good old fashioned outreach, and to our PR team to put the story under the noses of the right influencers.

And it happened, it went viral – twice! (London has a good few tubes strikes, remember)

The site was picked up by key influencers and hit the Twittersphere like a rocket. In just 24 hours, the site had 250,000 visitors from 172 countries and was covered by global and local press including Business Insider, Metro, The Huffington Post, The Independent, FHM, Guardian, The Next Web, TimeOut and many more.

All in, we got our little tube map in front of an estimated 10 million eyeballs in just 48 hours.

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Date published: 22 February 2019 2019-02-22T12:07:16+0000


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The F*cking Tube Strike