Still some space on this free workshop. What we’ll be discussing...

- Culture and Society
- The Community
- Body Perception
- Beliefs, Thoughts and Values
- Emotional Responses
- Bodily Sensations
- Sex, Fantasy and Fetishism
- Race and Religion
- Negative v Positive Body Image
- Connecting to your Body
- Overcoming Anxiety

This workshop is about understanding WHY you behave a certain way, and providing you with the tools to move forward.

It’s interactive - so there will be talks, exercises and discussions. Guest speakers, presentations and a gentle movement class.

This isn’t about ‘curing’ you. Or even telling you what to do. It’s about giving you information, options and support. And fundamentally, it’s about connecting you with your body.

We’re sending out the pre-workbook today to confirmed guests.

Register via our website.

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Me, My Body and I - A Free Workshop for Gay Men exploring Body Image.