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The designer wanted to create a set of chairs with a unique visual symmetry that totally deviates from the inherent traditional form of conventional chair design by shifting the center of focus, and bring fun interaction and freedom into mundane public outdoor seating. Inspired by simple seesaw shape, and the structure of a roly-poly, this set of outdoor chairs is bold, modern and welcomes interaction. The detail form and curvature were inspired by pollen and flying seeds.

Para is a set of public outdoor chairs with extremely low center of gravity. Most public outdoor furniture is either fixed or heavily weighted and doesn't have any adjustability. With its unique weight distribution, Para is designed to provide restrained mobility in flexible outdoor settings. The heavier bottom makes it easier to rotate and flip to user preferable positions.

Both with a heavy weighted bottom, Para A supports 360 rotation around its base, and Para B supports bidirectional flipping. Para brings bold playfulness to public settings. With Para A, the rotation makes flexible communal organization and communication effortless with heavy public furniture. With Para B, a line of public chairs can be rearranged to either direction easily. With PARA outdoor chairs you can choose and change your sitting direction freely, and get a new view of the park everyday.


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