Melanie Van Biljon Graphic Designer


We were tasked with creating some fun and excitement around the new Axe range of Mixables for Trade. In the spirit of the Axe tongue-in-cheek I thought a Dummies guide spoof was a perfect fit and I worked with a great illustrator to realise the naughty and silly spoof for the trade presenter. It was such a fun project and proves that YES even Trade presenters ... even B-grade ones can be fun if you let your imagination free. Weirdly it is still one of my favourite designs as humour really is timeless especially the 'gutter' type. Thanks to a very open minded client we had a lot of fun and hopefully made a few smiles along the way.

Date created: February 2007 2007-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 6 May 2019 2019-05-06T22:37:02+0100


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Axe Trade Presenter