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Experience the thrill of the return of the roses tournament, as Lancaster University take on York in the first ever post-Covid Roses showdown.

In February 2022, the Student's Union of Lancaster University approached our team to create a series of captivating video content for the iconic Roses Tournament. Dating back to 1965, this prestigious annual competition between Lancaster University and the University of York is the largest varsity event in Europe.

With the goal of a bold return post-pandemic, we were tasked with producing a teaser trailer, a collection of social clips, and an aftermovie that would accompany the students' journey throughout the tournament.

In the early stages of this project, we collaborated closely with the Lancaster University Student's Union (LUSU) team to understand their vision and define the narrative direction. Acknowledging that the newer generation of students had not yet experienced the Roses Tournament due to the Covid pandemic, our content not only had to entertain but also educate them about its rich history and tradition.

We aimed to emphasise the heritage and roots of this significant event, ensuring that every social clip contributed to a cohesive storyline that built anticipation as the campaign progressed. Moreover, we meticulously aligned our planning with Lancaster University's academic calendar to guarantee that each video's release date coincided perfectly.

Over the weekend of April 29th to May 1st, 2022, the Roses Tournament came alive on the picturesque campus of Lancaster University. Our dedicated team was present from day one, carefully capturing the electrifying anticipation and joyous excitement surrounding the long-awaited return of this beloved event.

Armed with our state-of-the-art RED Scarlet-W camera, we filmed the tournament in glorious 5K resolution, ensuring that every detail was captured with impeccable clarity and vivid colour. By shooting at 48fps, we not only obtained breathtaking slow-motion footage but also had the flexibility to speed up clips to 24fps during post-production if necessary.

To convey the rich history of the Roses Tournament and provide context to new Lancaster University students, we seamlessly integrated archival footage into our clips. This inclusion brought the tournament's heritage to life, fostering a sense of community and inspiring all to partake in the passionate spirit of this iconic event.

Back at our studio, our creative team meticulously edited, mixed, and graded the footage, weaving together a compelling visual narrative. We delivered seven captivating social clips, a tantalising teaser trailer, and an unforgettable aftermovie of the event. These stunning visuals not only celebrated the triumphs of the 2022 Roses Tournament but will also play a vital role in promoting the 2024 Roses Tournament, when it returns to the Lancaster University campus.

Understanding the diverse platforms that drive our digital world, we formatted all our clips for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This adaptability ensures that your brand narrative reaches a broad audience, maximising its impact and generating the results you desire.


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The Return of the Roses Tournament