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Follow a group of young gym lovers as they push themselves to new extremes in 3-1-5's new SWEAT studio. immerse yourself in the heart-racing experience that will switch all your senses into high gear.

3-1-5 Health Club is an award-winning health club in Lancaster, UK. They are the only UK gym to own and operate X-Force machines - state-of-the-art weight training equipment that utilises negative weight training to target muscle groups more effectively. We work with 3-1-5 on a recurring basis to produce content to increase memberships and raise brand awareness.

We collaborated with the club to create a series of content to promote their new boutique HIIT studio, SWEAT. The first of its kind in the area, SWEAT offers an inclusive, heart rate-based, coach-led, high-intensity group program that improves metabolism, strength, and endurance. The brand hosts a series of lively, community-driven classes with a nightclub-like feel aimed at millennials and Gen Z who are already active and want to push themselves further.

We began work on the project early in Sweat’s development, with a discovery meeting to understand more about the brand, its target audience, its launch strategy and what a member could expect from a class. We visited the site during construction to get an idea of the space and equipment layout and went away to develop various concepts.

Using our team’s creative depth, we drafted several ideas that best captured the brand's essence, noting the intended immersive experience. These were pitched to the client, who helped us refine and settle on the final concept. Once everyone was happy, we drafted a storyboard that visually laid out how the main feature video would look to align everyone to the same vision.

Early on, the client identified that the experience was intended to be immersive for members. We wanted to intricately understand what someone might hear and see when completing a class so we could effectively translate this into the video. To do this, our production team took part in a closed-door mock class before the official launch. This class gave important insight to the team, who later implemented some of their experience into the final video.

The cast for the video was made up of five gym members who 3-1-5 Health Club recruited from their memberships. These were accompanied by two personal trainers from the club.
Production of the project took place over two days. The team spent one day staging a class, which allowed us to control the space and elements within it (e.g., lighting, talent). We made sure to give our cast ample time to rest after intense sessions on camera.

The second day was National Fitness Day when 3-1-5 had actual SWEAT class taster sessions open to the public for the first time. This allowed us to capture shots showing an entire class in action to add a sense of authenticity to the video.

The project was shot in 5K on our RED Scarlet-W camera, enabling us to capture every detail with brilliant clarity and colour. For this shoot, in particular, capturing the ambient and colourful lighting was key to the video's mood. We shot at 48fps, giving us both beautiful slow-motion footage and the flexibility to speed up the clips to 24fps in post if required.

Working with our storyboard, we pieced the video together in the edit.

Having completed the class, we incorporated several elements integral to the ‘SWEAT’ experience. This included opening the video with a heartbeat, which members hear as they wait for the class to start, and blending this heartbeat throughout, most notably when we “zoom out” of members as their heart rate is at their most intense.

We chose a track with a strong rhythm to match the focus on the heartbeat. The video was edited, mixed, and graded by our in-house team.

We delivered the feature video, five social clips optimised for social media platforms, and a pack of 61 photographs taken and edited by our in-house photographer.


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