Describe your idea in detail and explain why you think it’s a good idea to drive a drink with every food order at McDonald’s.

The Sensational Taste, The Explosive Feeling is a new campaign for McDonald’s. It comes with a whole new design paper cup that allows keeping the cold drink stay longer with a
little amount of ice. It also allow to prevent the condensation water drop that
created by the icy cold water.

There are also some extraordinary features are also added in the paper cup. The straw holder is designed on the cup, this allow
the staff to put the straw on the cup rather then the customer go to get their own straw. The Screw Cap lock is also designed on
the cup for reducing the chance of spilled.

The paper cup also come with a very delicate, modern and colourful confetti design. There are also some prizes which hide under
the confetti at the back side of some cups. Customer can remove the confetti sticker to redeem the prize


McDonald paper cup design