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Sports car maker Lotus needed to launch a new more mainstream car without alienating their audience of loyal fans. Involvement and interaction were key to capturing their attention and positive sentiment.
Drawing inspiration from the Lotus ‘For the drivers’ brand promise, Morse Road hides the name of the new Emira sports car in morse code, down the middle of a winding road, replacing the standard markings with dots and dashes. Driven by the insight that it was the one place we knew our fanatical audience would always look.
Business impacts were felt on 3 levels. Crucially, we achieved 98% positive sentiment in social media which demonstrates that we had successfully broadened the appeal for the new model without alienating historic fans. The quarterly enquiry target was exceeded by 350%. Emira was the most-mentioned and highest-reaching model at Goodwood in comparison to the key competitor models tracked for ongoing reporting (via Brandwatch). Ultimately, we got more people into Lotus placing deposits – achieving twice the annual target during the month of July. As a result, planned spend to drive 200 new model orders across the second half of the calendar year was reallocated and 1000 orders achieved in a fraction of the time.


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