Matt Lazenbury Brand strategist


Deliverables: Pre-launch campaign strategy, campaign microsite, social video, display & retargeting ads

The challenge:
The rental system in Australia is broken. 60% of people feel like their rent is overpriced and are stressed by the overall renting experience and the way they’re treated—yet they feel powerless to do anything about it.

Enter: Mirvac
Mirvac decided it was time for a rental revolution, so they came to Chello to help them launch LIV Indigo—a breakthrough rental concept, a new brand, and a new category. All-in-one.

LIV Indigo is designed to liberate people from the rental prison and give them the flexibility they need to build a home around them and the opportunity to own their rental apartment later.

The insight:
Most people rent by necessity, not choice, and so are unwilling prisoners within a system that has been getting away with treating renters like second-class citizens.

Just because someone rents, it doesn’t mean they don’t want simplicity, flexibility, and respect.

The idea: #BreakTheBond
We wanted to show how LIV Indigo could help people to break the bonds that keep them chained to a broken system and offer them a new and liberating way of living.

Prior to the main brand and product launch, we ran an unbranded teaser campaign—under the guise of #breakthebond—to poke the renters’ nest by using category pain points as a trigger to generate conversation. We got radio personality, Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, to crash rental inspections and conduct guerilla street interviews to uncover rental horror stories. We pushed the video stories across Instagram and Facebook which drove people to a microsite where people could sign up to learn more about how renting was about to change.

The impact
We achieved 150% of the campaign target set by the client, generating 1,500 leads from potential residents in eight weeks.

Date created: May 2020 2020-05-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 21 May 2020 2020-05-21T18:33:05+0100


Creating a rental revolution