Matt Holmes Director


This campaign for Les Mills International was created entirely for vertical. Right from the beginning there were no traditional widescreen outputs required, just 9x16 for Facebook and Instagram Stories and 4x5 for feed. We shot them all with cameras rotated onto their sides. This allowed us to get the maximum field of view from the lenses and fill the frame. It did mean there was no room for reframing in post, but the tradeoff was more than worth it. Framing for 9x16 we favoured vertical lines in our composition and filling the frame with the faces of our talent gave us an intense and intimate feel. Working with Creative Director Aaron Turk from Isobar and Facebook's andy blood we came up with images designed to hook viewers in from the first frame. We called these images - scroll stopping images. It could be something that didn’t feel quite right, had an intriguing angle and ideally worked with the vertical format in a way that couldn’t be done in widescreen. By shooting in vertical we created a challenge that gave us a fresh look at shooting familiar scenarios. Big thanks to the client and team that brought it all together!


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