Matej Svitok Creative Manager


Bata is synonymous with Czech Republic's heritage of shoemaking and given my position as creative manager for Bata Czech division, I was tasked with commemorating the 100th anniversary of Czech Republic with a limited-edition anniversary shoe that reflected both the tradition of Bata as a shoemaker and Czech Republic's birth anniversary. Given my creative background, my tenure at the company and passion for fashion, I embraced the challenge of creating the anniversary shoe myself.

The anniversary shoe uses color triad borrowed from the Czech Flag while sporting a statement-setting "100" pattern on the upper. The shoe was handmade locally in Dolni Nemci factory that has been the designated shoemaker for Bata Czech Republic since 1971. In order to gain further exclusivity, we produced 100 pairs and made them exclusively available in our Wenceslas Square Bata flagship in Prague.

The reception has been quite overwhelming as the shoes sold out within 24 hours from launch. Brand direct search online has quadrupled over the following few weeks which generated spikes in brick-&-mortar footfall and positive impressions across all our social channels.


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Bata 100+ Years Anniversary Shoe