Martin Ferdkin Motion Graphics Designer


Client brief:

To create an animated video for ALKASS SPORTS CHANNELS coverage for the FIFA World Cup 2022, promote Qatar as a host country of FWC 200, and introduce Qatar as a touristic destination.

Creative concept: "Golden Torrent."

The world sets its sights on Qatar.
Cheers reverberate from every corner of the globe, transforming into gusts of wind that stir up the sand in the dunes and stir the waters. The forces of passion for football begin to bring out the best of the host country.

The melding of golden sand and sea gives rise to a mighty, sparkling torrent that surges through the dunes, traversing, overflowing, and illuminating stadiums and iconic structures.
This radiant stream of passion will shape the World Cup.

The result was a cinematic and iconic piece that perfectly represented the spirit of the AlKass Sports channel.

A piece of art made of golden passion.


Promax Award


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  • Alkass Sports ChannelArt Director
  • * LUCIDODesign Agency
  • * Martin FerdkinCreative Director and 3D Animator
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