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Berrywhite is a premium sparkling drink made with organic fruits and white tea. Born as an entrepreneurial initiative, the brand was living in a challenging and growing category alongside a myriad of other brands.

The brief
Rescue Berrywhite from the organic grocer ghetto: make it relevant, urban and aspirational. The brand needed to feel credible in bars and nightclubs as well as in yoga studios and at festivals.

The creative idea
We created a simple, strong and distinctive icon for the brand that gave it credibility and cool. The ‘b’ and ‘w’ of the brand name are combined in a symbol that also alludes to the berries and leaves in the ingredients. A vibrantly coloured camouflage motif gives the packs high on-shelf impact.

Behind its modern presentation, Berrywhite has a clear social purpose – The Berrywhite Foundation supports disadvantaged children and communities in Africa. Thus, whilst the new design draws the consumer attention to the brand, its social story reinforces Berrywhite’s overarching ‘do good’ purpose.

“Design is absolutely key and most small startups don’t invest in it. Quite often they are set up off the dining room table and people can’t engage top end design agencies. But you want your product to have some pull rather than being something that you have to push.” Andrew Jennings, Founder and Managing Director, Berrywhite

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