When an image ends up going viral..

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Just occasionally, I will shoot an image that gets picked up a creates a (minor) Twitter moment, and I see it gaining a life of its' own.

This image of the MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (Brexit enthusiast) is one of those moments. Shot originally for the Times Magazine, it was only when the Guardian reproduced it in a profile piece, that it got picked up on social media. The author and journalist Bonnie Greer reposted the image along with much praise, and before I knew it, it was bouncing all round the internet. The picture was then reposted by celebreties whilst being endlessly adapted by a few (cruel) Photoshop geeks, who added flames and comments on to my original image which gave it extra life in a new form.

Following multiple online suggestions that the National Portrait Gallery should buy it, I added the image to a list of suggestions that I was already in the process of sending the gallery.

To my suprise, the NPG  recently agreed to acquire the image (printed by Metro Imaging), and Bonnie then wrote this lovely article about it that appeared in the New European newspaper in the UK.

I've no idea what Mr Rees-Mogg thinks mind you..


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