Shooting Prince Andrew

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So it's 6.30 pm and I'm sitting feet up on the sofa with the telly on when my phone goes. 'Mark Harrison? You've been recommended - are you free for a shoot tomorrow?'

"Who is it?" I reply with a harrumph. I ponder as I have a dishwasher being delivered the following day.

'We can't tell you ANYTHING.'

I'm In.

Cut to me standing in the middle of Buckingham Palace stepping out of the goods lift into the Long Gallery, eyes wide open. 'So, I still don't know why I am here' I say to the attendant. " Ah, you are here for the interview with the Duke of York."

The photo I've selected is shot after the interview has finished (see sound man packing up) round the other side (hence the square fill light visible). 

'You have just seen a little piece of history' said the Producer. 'Now get me the pics within two hours!'


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