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10 of the most promising and talented photographers this year.

This year has been quite interesting for photographers, forced for the most part to remain stuck at home and without the usual inputs they could get from the outside world. In all fairness, the entire production sector struggled quite a lot – but some were able to reinvent their art, by looking at things from… well, another perspective.

Photography is all about looking at things from a different angle and that is the very beauty of this beloved art. All of the photographers below embody this spirit quite perfectly.

Top 10 Photographers of 2020

From fleeting snippets of outdoor beauty to new perspectives while in the house, the best photographers of 2020 all show a magnificent sense of creativity and thinking outside the box. Which is pretty much required for someone working with magical light-capturing boxes all the time.

Here’s the best and most talented photographers from this year, found directly in the beautiful Creativepool community.

Ken Gerhardt

There are very few photographers on Creativepool like Ken. A lover of fine art just as much as photography, Ken loves shooting in black and white and his beautiful pictures are just what you would expect from a top-notch photographer: crisp, powerful, deeply human and telling a story in just a few shots or angles. Ken is a plurifeatured member of the Creativepool community and certainly one of the most talented photographers out there. Or, as he loves to define himself, an “Artist.” Two of his projects have been shortlisted for this year's Annual 2020.


Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan is the founder of the Jonathan Knowles photography studio and the mind and eye behind a series of striking photographs you can see on the JK profile. From cosmic bubbles to product photography and portraiture, Jonathan works with a variety of different subjects and is one of the leading advertising photographers of this year. Five of his projects were included in this year's Annual 2020 awards, with one of them winning a Bronze.


Luciano Koenig

Here’s something you won’t see very often: the amazing, bright and unmistakable style of Luciano Koenig. Luciano is an award-winning photographer with extensive experience and a stunning body of work, which ranges from portraiture to advertising and beyond. And from these stunning pictures, you can see that Luciano is an incredible art director as well.


Mark Harrison

Everybody talked about Mark Harrison last year. His reportage of the Prince Andrew interview (shortlisted for Annual 2020) travelled far and wide around the web and has now become one of the most reproduced works of Mark’s entire career. This year wasn’t much different. Mark has worked on some incredible portraits and shootings, all overflowing with the personality he’s able to put in his shots.


Theofilos Koutroumanis

The funniest thing about Theofilos is that the man didn’t even plan to become a photographer. Though photography had always enticed his curiosity, it was not until he found himself taking pictures of an event inside his own bar that he realised how much he loved the craft. His dream is to work for National Geographic one day, and I certainly hope that Creativepool will help make his dream come true. Theofilos’ style is equally dark and captivating, fascinating in its undertones, and a pleasure to admire in any context.


Nigel Harniman

Nigel Harniman (known on Creativepool as Harniman Photographer) started shooting advertising campaigns for Ford with RKCR Y&R London, Renault with Publicis Paris & London and many more. He is now a brand-building, multi-platform digital content producer with an impressive portfolio of work. His profile is evocative to say the least and you can tell he doesn’t just love taking pictures of cars – he loves painting a story with them. Plus, two of his works were included in Annual 2020, with one of them winning a Bronze.


Richard Wadey

Richard’s photography is more than just a quest for the perfect shot – it is an attempt to narrate a slice of life, whether by capturing a moment or a very specific mood. Like most others in this list, Richard is an award-winning photographer with an ardent passion for his job – one that clearly comes through each and every shot of his. His Kushti Wrestling project (below) won a Bronze prize in this year's Annual 2020 awards.


Guy Farrow

BBC, ITV, Adidas, the National Ballet – you name it. Guy Farrow has had the chance to work with some pretty big names out there, and the beauty of his craft reflects the calibre of work he’s used to doing for these brands. From theatre to TV and beyond, Guy’s shots draw you in and aim to imprison you in powerful stories you’ll never want to escape, or with incredible characters that will make you feel at home. Take a scroll through his profile to see exactly what I mean.


Marcus Peel

It is quite ironic that one of my favourite pieces on Marcus’ profile is a close-up of a tree bark – or a ‘peel,’ if you may. No? I’ll grab my coat.
Still, that piece is stunning and testifies that Mark is extremely skilled at environmental and ambient photography. Architecture is his main source of inspiration and you can truly tell from most of the pieces on his profile.


Guido Catalbiano

Not one photographer in this list sees the art of photography as just a job to get through the month. Guido is no different. His aim is to connect people through his shots, capturing those fleeting moments that define life itself. Guido himself says that human condition in public spaces is what moves him the most, and his photography is a good reflection of that. His Lelo work also won a Bronze in this year’s Annual!


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