Marcio Steffen Head of User Experience Design


CarNext is the first Virtual Reality experiment ever done globally by Oracle using ERP solutions.

The solution involves the 360º view of an auto parts factory, generating a complete perspective of everything that happens in the factory and also in its branches.

With the solution it is possible:
– Dashboard complete with information on sales, finance, orders, raw material level, deliveries, and other important issues and alerts.
– Check transport routes, sea, land and road
– Status of delivery routes and whether any vehicles have departed the planned route
– Machinery status and operating condition
– Heat maps
– Team status including mood
– Sign a contract with a saved pre-signature
– And multiple journeys within a single scenario

The idea was to automate processes and in addition to insert the Virtual Reality scenario as a new possibility of access, providing a vision of the future trend.

For this project I worked on research, creating the journey based on a transformational hypothesis, concept, art direction, user experience, user interface and interaction design.

CarNext is a solution that has successfully scaled demonstrations at national and international level in small and large events as an example the Oracle Open World.



Marcio Steffen has been a Contributor since 27th June 2023.

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