The client came to us with an idea and our designers created a concept design for it and once approved, provided engineering and production services. The client's idea was to use the flashlight feature on a smartphone and put images over it to project the images on the wall to make bedtime stories more interesting for her daughter.

We created a small device, about one-quarter the size of an iPhone, that fits over the flashlight. The device includes a rotating photo reel, which has different images on each slide. The full HD images integrate with the connected app that provides the storylines associated with each photo reel. The small images on the film reel project clearly onto nearby walls, ceilings, and other uniform surfaces. In addition, we also included an adjustable lens that allows the user to focus the image. The device includes nano-suction technology on a pad at the back of it, offering secure, yet removable and reusable adhesion to the phone.

The client received major media success throughout 2017 raising millions on crowdfunding platforms, being named a Top Holiday Toy by a major North American retailer, and being purchased by one of the world's largest toy manufacturers.

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Moonlite: A Children's Story Time Projector for Your Mobile Phone