Whether you're an outdoor explorer or an urban adventurer, the CNCT is the ultimate Tesla Model 3 companion. Our client, Graeme Whitehead, believed that Tesla owners deserved a cooler that matched the quality of their vehicle. So, designed with user experience in mind, Mako Design custom-built the CNCT to fit perfectly, both aesthetically and functionally, with the Tesla Model 3 vehicle. The uniquely shaped CNCT slides perfectly in the rear trunk of the Model 3. This high-capacity hard cooler holds up to 17 liters/quarts of your favorite foods and drinks (or 24 lagers for those of you who are counting). The hingeless lid is fully detachable so you can use it as a tray to pass around drinks. When you're not using the lid, you can lock it in a vertical position on the shorter edge of the cooler. As for the finish, the metallic handles contrast sharply against the smooth and familiar Tesla red exterior. And when you’re ready to go back on the road, the handles eject from the topside of the cooler with a simple press.

Insulated within the walls and the lid of the cooler is rotomolded polyurethane to keep all your contents fresh for up to two days. Rotomolding also results in denser and stronger walls for higher durability. When you open the cooler, you’ll notice the top surface is smooth and flat to the touch, matching the same modern and sleek feel as Tesla vehicles. Without any elevated ridges on the top opening surface of the cooler, one of the challenges here was that we had to create a custom-fitted gasket on the lid to preserve this unique design.

The highlight of the cooler however is the injection-molded, electroplated ABS plastic handles. In our original designs, the handles were visible from the exterior - not unlike other typical premium coolers. Taking inspiration from Tesla vehicle door handles, we redesigned the handles to be discretely hidden within the sides of the cooler when retracted and not in use. We spent quite a bit of time calculating the tolerances, but the results were well worth it. With a simple press, the handles smoothly eject and lock in place when you need to carry it around.

Completed in 2020, the CNCT is currently available online from the CNCT website for residents of the United States and Canada. To ensure each cooler meets Graeme’s incredibly high standards, every CNCT is made in America by Americans. Lake City, Pennsylvania is home to the first CNCT manufacturing facility. They continually look to work with other Tesla enthusiasts who appreciate and can deliver the superior quality and craftsmanship that’s expected by Tesla owners.


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