How do you revamp a brand to tell its story, without losing the reputation it has worked so hard to build?

The business challenge
Chameleon is an award winning B2B marketing and PR agency. After years of helping their clients create change within their companies, they decided it was time to change their corporate colours. In place of a complete step change, they needed a solution that showed their business evolution and built on their successes to date.

Our creative translation
When Hands Down™ started working with Chameleon on this project we had, in fact, partnered with them on a number of their client projects. However much they felt that they knew their brand – we knew it was important to conduct a full deep dive. We ran an afternoon workshop of rich conversation with Chameleon’s key stakeholders to explore where the brand had been and their ambitions for the future.

A key consideration in the early stages of the project was to position Chameleon against their competitors to ensure that they stood out from the crowd. By working in collaboration, Hands Down™ and Chameleon delved deep into the brand’s ambitions and unearthed the new, more daring, positioning for Chameleon; a trusted partner – who delivers, just not quite how you expected.

The impact
The new brand has reignited the company’s enthusiasm for the work that they do and reinforced their unique outlook of having one eye on the future and one on the present.

- Innovative ‘North Star’
- Mobile-first website design
- Unique approach, setting Chameleon apart


  • Chameleon PRClient
  • Jason LawesWebsite Developer
  • Katie LeemanExecutive Creative Director
  • Lenya BassGraphic and UX Designer
  • * Hands Down™
  • * Anna WillattAccount Lead
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