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We've nearly always got an 'internal' project of some sort on the go. The usual story goes something like this - "We're a bit quiet, let's start an internal project". We think of something (we think is) amazing, we get excited but then a paying project comes along and the time luxury suddenly evaporates. 3 months later we look at what we were doing and think, "no that's crap/boring/dated" and move on to the next thing. Rinse and repeat. With For Approval we were determined to break that cycle.

Our initial concept was simply to subvert the physical properties of objects and materials and have some fun with a viewer's expectations of how those things should behave. The whole 'For Approval' thing came retrospectively as a bit of an in-joke. We found ourselves agonising over getting something to look wrong, but in the 'right' way and it all became very reminiscent of the abstract conversations we often find ourselves in working through client projects. Being 'right' in our world is often a very subjective thing!

This project really feels like something we can build upon. Then again, maybe we'll get distracted and start something else completely different.

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Date published: 6 February 2017 2017-02-06T15:23:34+0000


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