Mahesh Marath UX Strategist


Linchpin app is a enterprise learning platform that makes the process of learning engaging, fun and rewarding.With ability to create, manage, track and administer, Linchpin app is a comprehensive platform for enterprises that want to make learning, a part of their culture. Emids partnered with Think Design to strategize, conceptualize, design and build this platform ground up.

Insight and Strategy workshop + Desktop research:
UX Vision and Strategy workshop with Stakeholders, Developers and Think Design’s design team introduced to a new way of looking at UX for its stakeholders.

Customer Segmentation:
Taking off from the beginning, the team collaborated to strategize product Vision, competitive Positioning, Delivery model, Product Definition among others.

Wireframe iterations, Navigation and Responsive design
Design approach called for developing new responsive framework from ground up, utilizing minimum components of standard frameworks. This hybrid approach resulted in “never seen before” design & seamless functionality and interaction at the same time.

Interaction Design
]The Design approach called for “Mobile first”, since the intended use of the application was for learning; with more and more enterprise users taking to their mobiles, it wasn’t a hard decision to go the mobile route. The vision to launch native mobile apps in the near future further strengthened our “Mobile first” approach.

As a result, the interaction was designed to be touch friendly, the affordances considered touch interactions; and the design of entire application invited user participation.


Since the platform was primarily meant for enterprises and sold in B2B scenario, it was important in the very beginning to consider white labeling possibilities and visualize them

Work activities

UX Strategy and Design, Product brand Identity, Visual Brand Language, Product Website, Mobile app design, Support

Current Status
Web platform of Linchpinapp was launched in 2016. The platform is currently being used and consumed across medium and large enterprises.

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