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Globetouch is a global connectivity solution for businesses worldwide with its network providing connectivity for a wide range of devices and operators. With increase in the number of users wanting to use data while they roam without having to lose their identity, a new opportunity was born. International roaming is now up for disruption, with Globetouch pioneering it.

Insight and Strategy
We wanted to disrupt, the user-centred way. Thus, we laid the right foundations from the word go. A three day workshop focusing on audience definition, user journeys, workflows and IA resulted in creating proposition that was easy to comprehend.

As the approach had it, productisation journey involved aligning various competencies at Think Design to the larger mission. Design outcome thus addressed product proposition, visual branding, interaction design, benefit communication etc., all contributing to the product in unison.

Intuitive vs. unique
It was important to address this particular side of designs strategy. The product was innovative by its very nature and design furthered its success by making it easy to use… effort went in making the app usage intuitive rather than unique in interactions. This was being consciously done to avoid visual distractions while using the app.

Work activities
UX Strategy and Design, Visual branding and identity, Communication design, Animations, Implementation coordination and 360 degree hand holding.

Current status
Figo app was launched in December 2016 in select markets. It is going to be soon available worldwide and across Android and iOS platforms.

Date created: June 2016 2016-06-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 4 February 2017 2017-02-04T06:27:36+0000


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