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Wessex Scene is a student magazine at University of Southampton, where I volunteered as an Illustrator and Lifestyle Section Illustrator. This illustration was for the Sustainable Planet issue, Nov 10, 2017. The topic was "The Environment in US Politics". I was given the dimensions of the required image, but the content was up to me. Of course, I had to draw Donald Trump swept up in one of the consequences of his climate change denial: hurricanes and storms.


I drew the portrait of Trump with ink and red pencil, then edited it digitally. To match the image dimensions, I mirrored him vertically akin to characters on playing cards. I and censored his eyes on one side to represent his hypocrisy, doublethink and ignorance on the climate emergency. The storm is messing up his hair and scattering the papers and bills that he was holding. But he looks unfazed, apocalyptically immovable - at least for now.


I think it turned out really well and was a good accompaniment for the article. The full magazine issue can be found on Issuu: Wessex Scene, Sustainable Planet.


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TRUMPOCALYPSE: Magazine illustration