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This device allows users to move sounds around in 3D space and affects many other qualities of the sound depending on where you move your hands and fingers. In many ways its a kind of instrument that allows users to sculpt audio with their hands. So move your hand up - the sound goes into the ceiling, move it in a circle - the sound moves in a circle around you. As well as this it morphs sounds using techniques such as timestretching and granular synthesis. For example pulling your hands apart will make a sound stretch between them, not only time stretching the sound but also stretching it 3D space across the speaker array. Sounds change according to hand and finger movement as well as gestures. Sounds can be left in a certain position so users can build a complex 3D soundscape around them . It has many psychoacoustic principles built into the way it manipulates sound in order to enhance the spatialisation and other characteristics of the sound. It is the natural extension of a similar project with the nintendo wii started back in 2012 but much more advanced and matured as it has now been tested at many festivals, exhibitions and commercial events .

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Project featured: on 20th June 2019

A 3D audio holophonic morphamin