Want to start the New Year with a new job? Here’s why you should act now

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We are in November. That much is clear. A bit more obscure is where the last few years have been, and how we reached the end of 2021 so quickly.

We all deserve some time to wind down while we savour some delightful Christmas meals. November and December are usually a time for family, kindness, peace of mind and reunion. Except the past few years will have taught you something – and if you are reading this, you are probably looking for the next step in your career as much as many other professionals.

However, as the holiday slump approaches, you may feel like taking a break ahead of new beginnings in 2022. That’s where you would be wrong. Many others will feel like getting some rest in the next few months – which is precisely why you shouldn’t.

There are more jobs available than ever

Just take a look through our jobs page. Dozens of companies are recruiting right now, and many are struggling to find candidates.

We’ve heard there are more jobs available than ever, and fewer people applying. This fortunate imbalance between demand and supply in the current job market is something you shouldn’t ignore, especially if you’re looking for a new job. Companies are looking to welcome new talent now more than ever, as people move away from their old jobs to find other opportunities – or go freelance.


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There is less competition

You may have heard about labour shortage in the UK. The same crisis does not necessarily apply to the creative industries, but it's true that this year was a tough one for the job market. According to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, in May 2021 there were 9.2 million job openings, but only 5.9 million people were hired.

There may be a number of reasons for this. Following a wave of unfortunate redundancies in the industry, many were forced to find a new job at some point during the pandemic; it is natural to assume that these workers will not be looking to leave their new post any time soon. Meanwhile, some job seekers have simply become more informed and conscious about their needs following nearly two years of remote working. If a company isn’t offering remote or hybrid work options, why would one go for them? If the employee benefits and work packages don’t sound convincing, why should you choose them over someone else? If the work/life balance doesn’t feel like the best in class, why would you dive into another uncertain, possibly stressful work environment?

To put it simply, job seekers are struggling to find the right employer to match their needs. This means you could be on the same boat; but it also means that there will be way more opportunities for you to choose from, and perhaps you can just about find what works perfectly for you right now.

A lot of people will wait until the New Year

November is notoriously one of the worst times to apply for jobs. At least, that’s what you usually read online. And yet, in my experience, I’ve always received the best job offers around Christmas time.

Most employers will hand out bonuses to employees around the end of the year. Many jobseekers will use that chance to take it easy in these next few months, then charge ahead and start looking in January – presumably the best time to look for new jobs and career paths. It is believed that sending a CV over Christmas will automatically have it pushed until the new year, then forgotten – but recruiters will still be working. People may not be applying, but talent hunters will still be looking for new talent.

Of course this is due to a number of reasons, including plain and urgent business needs – but recruiters are also conscious of the time needed to find the perfect talent for any given role. Hiring a new person may take months of screening and interviews, depending on the company.

It is after December that the competition will become more fierce. This is your chance to address that gap in the job market and look for your next opportunity, while many others will take it easy until January.


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Be conscious it takes time

You should also be mindful that finding a new job is anything but a quick and easy process. There will be stages and stages of interviews to go through, people to meet and feedback to discuss, and even then, you may get unlucky and simply miss that one thing that would make you a perfect fit for the team.

Many hiring managers will be looking to get new talent started in the new year, so interestingly, November is the best time for you to apply for new jobs. This will give you enough time to move through the several stages of interviews, usually once per week, and it will also factor in your notice period.

Take some time to update your CV/resume today or this weekend, then slap it on your Creativepool profile and start marketing yourself online. If you apply for a job today, it will be days by the time you hear back – sometimes weeks. Make sure to factor in that time, rewrite a juicy cover letter, then start looking for your next role.

How to find a new job to start in the New Year

Before you even start looking for a new job, you should take a step back and assess your current situation. Are you really unhappy with your current role? Is there anything that you could improve by simply communicating with your manager? Are you sure you’re ready for a step up, or sideways? If your answers don’t satisfy you, then it may be time to look for new opportunities indeed.

Think of the experience and skills you can bring to the new role. Are you strongest in organisational skills or sector experience? Can you truly aim for the role you’re looking for?


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Once you have answered all of the above (and anything else you can think of), and when you can clearly think of the benefits that come with your experience package, you are ready to start looking for a new role. Freshen up your CV with some new design perhaps, to make things more interesting; don’t simply deliver a cover letter in a boring Word doc, but take some time to create your own template in InDesign. Spruce up your portfolio website, upload new projects to your Creativepool page, so you can send that to prospective employers.

Once you’ve done all the necessary steps to support your job hunt, you’re ready to start looking. Brush up on your interview knowledge, remember to research the companies you’re applying for, and if possible, connect with the hiring manager personally to stand out more in the application process.

There are thousands of jobs waiting for you on Creativepool. Why not give it a chance now?


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