Top 10 most exciting motion graphics designers on Creativepool

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Motion graphics design, also known as just motion design or "MoGraph" if you’re of a certain persuasion, can be considered a major growth area of graphic design. Improvements in technology and software combined with a massive increase in the number of screens we interact with means that motion graphic design is now almost everywhere and has never been more relevant.

From designing film and TV titles to moving infographics, animated logos and kinetic typography, there are dozens of applications for motion design and it makes the profession of motion graphics designer a uniquely eclectic one.

With that in mind, here’s a selection of who we feel represent some of the most exciting and intriguing motion graphics designers on Creativepool.

Matthew Richings

Matt is a freelance multidisciplinary senior motion graphics designer and art director with a degree in animation and over 10 years of experience. He’s worked with a wide variety of high profile clients/ brands and for various production studios and large London agencies such as Adam&EveDDB. His skills range from art direction, creative direction, pitch proposal creation and motion graphics, to concept creation, sound design, illustration, animation and VFX.

George Hurrell


More often than not, referred to as "That motion guy" by his friends and colleagues, George is a motion and animation specialist with a background in visual communication and design. With 15+ years studio experience working collaboratively in teams or managing projects large and small on his own, he now runs his own studio.

From Marketing to Branding agencies previously, he’s worked across a range of content from TV ads to social media content, design for web, Idents, explainer videos and more. He believes that design isn't about ego, it’s about solving problems for clients to make them stand out and achieve their goals. But if he can also make it look cool AF then that's a bonus!

Piotr Mirosz

Piotr Mirosz is a freelance 3D motion designer and VFX artist. During his career, he has had the pleasure of working for more than 200 brands and companies. Most of the time he works on 3D commercials and video explainers, product visualizations, TV idents, and VFX for music videos and advertising. He is able to skilfully create photorealistic renders and animations but with more personal projects he always ends up with vivid colours and a more illustrative style.

Pratik Patel

A London based freelance motion graphic designer, with experience working at numerous design agencies and television broadcasters. Pratik’s experiences have given them an invaluable insight into the industry and allowed them to refine their creative and technical skills.

Giz Beardon

With experience in a wide range of industries, including broadcast, exhibition and education, Giz provides animation, design, motion graphics and 3D services in a variety of mediums. He has a passion for helping people achieve their vision and believes that for a design to work it needs to sit within the boundaries and constraints set by its context and purpose.

His aim is to create designs that have an impact and clarity by delivering the best possible solution to clients. He enjoys working with creative professionals in all aspects of design and strives to unite people to achieve any goal. He encourages dialogue to communicate each client's requirements to achieve the desired results.

Jorge Tortosa

Jorge is a Creative Director & Motion Designer at his own studio Modik; a motion design studio. They use Design + 2D Animation for storytelling that conveys emotions and ideas. Modik aims to work closely with the client, from the initial concept until the final piece, creating projects that truly connect with the audience.

Joseph Lattimer

Joseph Lattimer combines his experience in motion graphics design, character animation, and love for the bold and ridiculous to craft bright, energetic work. Taking great influence from music, he is very interested in storytelling and adds great personality to all of his films. Interested in shaping obscure concepts with stand-out graphics and a sense of humour, Joseph's work has an entertaining and memorable sensibility met with a polished and colourful aesthetic.

Marko Anstice

Marko is a freelance Director and Motion Designer based in London with a background in animation, illustration and photography.

Euan McGrath

Euan is somebody that likes nice things. Great music, great film, great art, great ideas and of course great design. Thankfully, he gets to be a part of creating these things every day, which is all he really wanted to do in my work life - make nice things. Motion Graphics, Video Creation + Editing, Graphic Design... whatever he can get the opportunity to create. Variety (and quality) is the spice of his work life.

Ernesto Porto

Ernesto Porto is a freelance motion graphics designer and art director based in London that specialises in motion design, video composition, 3D, illustration and photo-manipulation and, occasionally works as a commercial director and video editor.

He’s worked in motion graphics since 2004, first for more than 6 years in several studios and then freelancing for many others, both in Spain and the UK. Since then he’s been in charge of all sorts of projects for local and international clients, from corporate video to TV shows, videogames, documentaries and commercials.


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