The 40 best sites, tools & apps of 2011


40 Best Sites

During 2011 we discovered some unbelievably cool and useful sites and apps and shared the best we found in our fortnightly newsletters. Here we have condensed these into an even more exclusive list of the forty coolest sites, tools and apps of the year. Google+, Instagram and all the other obvious choices are here. But there's also a few wildcards thrown in along the way just to spice things up a bit. Enjoy!


Instagram is one of those free apps that's a real essential tool to have. Transform you photos in an instant and then share them with the wor

Google taking over the world (again)
Rainy Mood

Some of the best ideas are the most simple and this is no exception. Perfect for creating that atmospheric soundtrack
Take This Lollipop

One of the most creepy, scary but ingenious sites around. This is so well put together you won't believe what you see

      PHP Form
Give the contact page on your site a big boost
Design your own Marvel hero

Custom build your action hero with a selection of parts Marvel's finest creations

Break away from the presentation constraints of Powerpoint with Prezi

Make the gallery on your website really stand out

Your online diary. Private, secure and stored in the cloud

A real must see, create your 'mood board' here

A great, free, online movie editing piece of software

Create the soundtrack to your day here

The colour scheme generator with the online community

Your personalised social media magazine

A fantastic free open source 3D suite
CSS Warp

Instantly generate HTML code for text on any curve you design
Powered By String

An app that really does jump right off the page 
Mr Doob Harmony Project

A drawing tool done in HTML5 for that ultra modern style

Need to get that sketch down in a hurry? Check out this site.
Camen Design

Make your clips look professional and modern with this HTML5 embedding

A great site for all the interior designers out there

Fed up of having to fire up Notepad each time you want to clean up your code? Take a look at Wordoff
Aviary Tools

This is an absolutely fantastic set of FREE online tools for you to use including image manipulators, audio editors and more

Dear Photograph

A very original and powerful idea behind this site of bringing old photographs to their modern day locations

Take your movie clips and give them a total makeover. vReveal removes camera jogging and sudden movement in your clips
0 to 255

Find the perfect colour you need and copy hex numbers with ease
Google Web Fonts

A huge font library from the search engine giant

123D Sculpt

"The most fun you can have sculpting without getting your hands dirty!"

The White Square Project

An awesome online communal project via Tumblr

Your game development tool
One Mile Scroll

Add your unique measurements to this cool site
Shirt Mockup

Instantly visualise your design on a tshirt with easy
Vinyl Abuse

At Creativepool we love vinyl designer toys and this site is a real hub for all things to do with these awesome creations
The Wold's Best Ever

The title says it all... the best of the best all in one site

DIY lessons on how to make anything and everything
Draw a stick man

'Draw a custom stickman and watch him come to life'

'Enter a World of Digital Art Without Barriers'

Create the pattern background you need with this completely customisable tool

One of the easiest and simplest way to share your images across the web

Check out Pixlr and some of the other lesser known image manipulation tools

by Chris Fiander


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