Peak productivity: When does the UK feel most creative?

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New research shows that UK employees feel at their most creative in the morning, with 11:05am being the peak time for productivity.

The study, from innovation funding specialist MPA Group, also shows that surprisingly 86% of workers can’t be creative when music is playing in the office and doctors and engineers take the longest to feel creative.

Interestingly, the morning was the most creative time across all industries, with the overwhelming majority of the 1,000 people asked claiming their best ideas come between 10am and 11.30am, as below.

Journalist - 9.48am

Architect - 10.06am

Designer - 10.16am

Scientist - 10.30am

Accountant - 11am

Teacher - 11.01am

Admin staff - 11.14am

Salesperson - 11.15am

Lawyer - 11.19am

Technician - 11.21am

Artist - 11.46am

Engineer - 11.54am

Doctor - 12pm

Office design and atmosphere are also important considerations for those wishing to maximise innovation. When asked what kind of working environment best encourages their creativity, a quiet office was the most popular choice, with 43% of workers claiming this will help them to create their most innovative ideas. A comfortable break out space (28%) was next followed by colourful or vibrant walls (22%).


When do you feel at your most creative? Let us know in the comments below and read MPA Group's guide to boosting your creativity at work for further inspiration.


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