Improving market will improve recruitment standards




This month’s CP Career comes from Source - a specialist recruitment business, dedicated to the digital, integrated and traditional creative communications industry.


They work to support the needs of advertising, marketing and design agencies, in addition to in-house departments of corporate clients and provide permanent, contract and freelance solutions.

Improving market will improve recruitment standards

Much as what I am about to say may cause real controversy, I actually think that the decisions that Gordon Brown and his finance advisors made are proving to be the right ones, and we are all starting to see more stability in the market, with confidence building, fees beginning to be made more available and agencies on the search for talent once again. Not that that excuses the governments, (present and past) for not seeing the financial crisis coming, but at least they forced the hand of the US, to some degree to back their banks and make liability guarantees. Had this not happened perhaps we would all be in a really bad place right now.

So, what are we discussing in this CP Newsletter. Well, I guess that it is fair to say that whilst there are green shoots of recovery, we are far from through the grinder yet. However this market has opened the floodgate for a plethora of new recruitment agencies and new creative agencies to open their doors for trading – and that can only be good for the market, as increased competitiveness delivers new offers to the market and options for clients and candidates alike.

My thoughts turn to choices and…..’How, as a candidate, or client, you can judge the agency that you are looking to have work on your behalf?’

The last 12 months have changed the way recruitment works. Clients are looking to see value for money from their suppliers and as such, look to see that they get an amazing quality of service for the fees that they pay. Not least they seek an agency that is can truly search out the right caliber of candidate and not just set up interviews by ‘bulk’, whilst in addition more and more clients are looking to find a recruitment partner that has a full understanding of the Immigration, Data Protection, all of the ‘isms’ and is committed to an ethical Code of Conduct. Therefore when looking to find a recruitment business that is right for you, it would make sense to think about a set of criteria that they should match before making your decision to register with them. Not only that, it is your career that they have in their hands, so once you are registered, ensure that they meet their end of the bargain. Below is a list of things that you might find helpful in making your selection.

Before registering

  • Is the agency a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation? This is a body which works with government to represent recruitment practice, moreover it has a Code of Conduct that all of its members need to uphold, this covers everything from ethics, to guidance on adhering to the consistent changes in legal requirements for recruiters.
  • Are its Consultants knowledgeable about the legal framework around recruitment practice and recommended recruitment practice? If not, will they represent you correctly – a simple test of this is to ask a few questions.
  • a)‘If I am to be a freelancer, what is the best option PAYE or Limited Company?’
  • b)‘Should I look for freelance or permanent work right now’
  • c)‘Can you recommend an Umbrella Company to me’
  • d)‘Will you send my CV out without first telling me who you are sending it to?’
  • e)‘Will you meet me to get to know me as part of the process?’

a) The right agencies will not give advice on how to set up yourself as a freelancer – it is a personal choice which they should not influence.

b) The right agency will tell you what the market is doing – but again shouldn’t coerce you into one type of work or another.

c) It is totally inappropriate for a recruitment agency to recommend an Umbrella Company, those that do are likely to be receiving a ‘kickback’ from the Umbrella Company for their ‘recommendations’.

d) Your CV is your personal property that you entrust into the hands of your recruitment agents – It is neither ethical, nor wholly legal for them to send out the CV without first identifying to you the name and nature of the business that they want to send your CV to.

e) If not, they cannot possibly know enough about you to accurately match you to their clients.

After registering

  • Once you have registered with the agency make sure that you feel comfortable with them and your Consultant. Just because you have met them, doesn’t mean that you have to use them. It is your choice.
  • Have they set out what will happen next?
  • Have they done the checks that they need to do – all agencies should be asking you for proof of your identity and right to live and work in the UK – if they are not, what else are they not doing?
  • Is the experience that you are having a positive one? You should be getting Consultation all the way through the process – this should include being briefed on the client that you are being represented to and being given a detailed overview of what to expect in the interview – and ideally some advice on interview technique.
  • Have you been lied to? If this happens – end the relationship immediately – without trust, you are likely to be sold down the river.

Now that the industry is starting to ‘get better’, it is vital that we all make the right choices, in a choice rich supplier scenario. Good luck!!

Source is corporate members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and upholds both the REC Code of Professional Recruitment Conduct, as well as the Employment Agencies Act and our own internal core values. A positive recruitment experience is what we look to deliver to every candidate and client that we meet with. For more information about the REC and its members, visit the website.

Want to learn more about Source, please visit their website.


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