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There’s loads you can do on Creativepool, from connecting with fellow creatives to showcasing your work and finding new projects. But it all starts in one place: your Creativepool profile.

If you landed on this article, you’ve probably been wondering ‘What's next? What can I actually do on this beautiful creative platform?’ Well, brace yourself, for you’re in for quite a ride.

Whether you are a new member or a seasoned Creativepool user, you are certain to find some interesting tips in here for your own case. Just keep reading to find out how to make the most of your Creativepool member profile!

Table of Contents

Your Profile Page


Here you are! Now aren’t you beautiful? If you did everything right at registration, your name and job title should be right there, as well as some additional information about you.

That little section on the right is the best part of your profile. It shows client recommendations (don’t worry if you don’t have one right now), your preferred job titles, your preferred contact typelocationskill levellanguages that you speak and for how long you’ve been a member of the community. If you choose to have your ranking displayed publicly, you will also see that at the top of this section.


This is how your profile card will look with public ranking enabled.

Except yours right now is pretty empty, isn’t it? And so is the rest of your profile. Let’s spruce up the place a bit.

Go over here: Profile Settings. You can find this page by hovering over your profile picture in the top right of the screen – or by opening the Hamburger menu and navigating there, if you’re on mobile.

Here you will be able to fill in some information about yourself. There’s a lot to say about you, I’m sure, and our handy Completeness indicator on the right will tell you exactly what’s missing. But the very first thing you should do is tell the world about your story. Add a bio!

A quick roundup of you


Your About Me section (About Us if you’re a company) is quite important. I dare argue it’s the most important section of all. This is where people and companies landing on your page will understand what you’re all about. This is your chance to tell a story about you.

The most successful members on Creativepool of course know how to do that right. I’m definitely not one of them, but you can take a look at my bio if you like. Just bear in mind I'm a writer, so it might get uncomfortably wordy.

If you want to see some professionals doing it, your best bet is to go to our Top 25 pages to see what other Members are doing with their own profiles. Just find your job title from the list and start studying. Remember that plagiarism isn’t nice – but you could still draw inspiration from them and write your own story.

Ask yourself this for a start: what is something absolutely crucial that a prospective employer, client or connection should learn about you?

Your Experience


If you are on Creativepool, chances are you would like to find some creative work. This is where you have the chance to set your profile to help you do just that.

In the Your Experience section, Members will be able to upload their CV/Resume. Please note that your CV/Resume is not made public unless you choose to do so. By default, only Connections (people you follow and who follow you back) will be able to download your CV/Resume.

You can also use this section to add some personal details, such as date of birth, nationality, gender and more. The best part: you won’t need to fill in a whole bunch of sections about your work experience that an employer could just copy and paste from your CV/Resume. Your CV/Resume is directly downloadable to do that work for you.

You can, however, add in some skills and sector experience, which will help us tailor the platform for you. This is also the place where you can specify awards, clients and the trade associations you belong to.


If you have set up your work settings (below), you will be able to see your ranking on the right. This is where you can choose whether you would like to display it publicly or not.

Work Settings & Job Alerts


You can then move over to your Work Settings to choose up to 3 preferred job titles, as well as preferred contract type and experience level. Please note that your job titles are in order of preference. You will climb the rankings based on the first job title on the list. You can change that later of course.

This section of your profile is extremely important to get found on Creativepool. You should spend some time looking for the right keywords and job titles, selecting the right locations and your availability, to ensure that prospective employers can find you and know more about your expertise.

Again, I can recommend looking at what other professionals have chosen for themselves to get an idea of what works best for you. Typically, you would want to choose the skill you’re most expert at as your top job title.

At the bottom of the page, you will have the chance to let these settings carry over to your Job Alert page. This is really handy if you're looking for a similar role in your same location, but you can also set up job alerts to be entirely different. 

*You can set alerts to go out daily, weekly or instantly as soon as something new matches, and you can also disable them altogether (NOT recommended). The main difference between the three boxes above is that job alerts are available to the entire platform and are mostly permanent/full-time jobs; studiogigs are only available to our certified studiopros and are specifically tailored for freelancers; briefs from studiocrowd are less frequent, but they usually come from companies looking to crowdsource a project from the Creativepool community.

Your Job Title

A little digression on job titles: they matter. Enormously. Alongside your profile picture and bio, other users landing on your page will look at your job title as one of the most important parts of your profile. Try to tailor that to your needs and to what you would like to be known for.

It’s perfect to say you’re a Legal Consultant or a Student if that’s what you do. But if you really want to be known as a Creative Writer and you are serious about your creative career, perhaps that’s what you should put in your job title field. It will make all the difference.



If you have worked for some clients, why not ask them to leave you a review? Both individuals and companies can do that on Creativepool, and your ratings will show up right next to your profile picture, so other users will know that you are extremely reliable at a glance.

You can request reviews when adding a new project, right at the very end of the upload process.

Smile to the camera!

Great. Your bio is all set, your skills are in place, and you’re ready to rock. Except your profile looks a bit grey now, doesn’t it? That’s because you’re still missing a profile picture!

Grab the best picture that you have and slap it onto your Creativepool profile. Feel free to upload a cover image as well, if you like. The more colourful your profile, the better.

You probably want to have a picture that expresses your personality. You don't have to be a buttoned-up, suited-up professional in your profile picture if you don't want to. Neckties aren't for everybody. Maybe choose something connected to your interests, your art style or your profession. Loads of illustrators like to put caricatures of themselves as their profile pictures, while others prefer a logo or a snapshot from one of their favourite works. Filmmakers, on the other hand, love to be seen next to a camera. Whatever you choose, make sure to use something that represents you and who you are.

Upload some stuff!


Now your profile is really ready to go! You have everything in place to start an amazing journey on Creativepool. In our next Creativepool Member Hacks we are going to talk about how to find a job on Creativepool.

Meanwhile, why don’t you try your hand at uploading some projects? Grab your best work and upload it on your Creativepool profile! A portfolio or a showreel is usually a great place to start, but of course you can upload more. Shall we say… at least 4?

Header image: Matt Newman for AMV BBDO.


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