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How to Hire an Exhibition Designer- Definitive Guide (2024)

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In the dynamic realm of business and marketing, exhibitions serve as pivotal moments for companies to make indelible marks on their audience. The triumph of an exhibition hinges not just on the showcased products or services, but equally on the originality and inventiveness of its presentation. Success demands a visionary designer capable of transforming conceptual ideas into concrete, engaging environments that captivate visitors. Here are the most important things you should do when hiring an exhibition designer.

Who is an Exhibit Designer?

Before delving into the specifics of recruiting an exhibition designer, it’s essential to grasp their role and job responsibilities. An exhibition designer is a maestro of creativity, tasked with the planning, design development, and execution of exhibitions, trade shows, museums, galleries, and public spaces. They are a blend of artistic flair, technical acumen, and strategic thinking, empowering them to transform a client’s vision into a captivating visual and atmospheric experience.


Key Responsibilities of an Exhibit Designer

To better understand the scope of an exhibition designer's role, it's crucial to outline their key responsibilities in the design process. Here's a breakdown of the primary tasks and duties typically associated with this creative profession:

Space Planning and Layout Design

One of the fundamental matters for an exhibition designer is to consider and layout the spatial composition of the exhibition room. To achieve this, various tasks are undertaken – such as determining traffic flow, organizing displays and exhibits, and optimizing space usage to get a coherent and captivating space.

Visual Design and Brand Integration

The job of an exhibition designer is all about coming up with compelling, brand-oriented, and message-driven designs that are visually capturing and visually stunning. That entails the choice of colors, typography, images, and other visual elements to show the intended expression and trigger specific feelings among clients.

Material Selection and Specification

The exhibition designers create and specify materials not only for flooring, wall finishes, and lighting fixtures but also for the interactive elements of the display and this is done where the materials enhance the design concept and meet practical considerations such as durability, safety, and budget.

Graphics and Signage Design

Trying to create vivid and informative signage and graphics plays a critical role in guiding exhibition opportunities to visitors as well as delivering the message. Exhibition designers must design the wayfinding systems and all the graphic things that blend with the general aesthetics and improve the visitor experience.


What to look for in an Exhibit Designer?

When searching for the perfect exhibition designer to bring your vision to life, it's essential to consider a range of factors beyond just their portfolio and experience. Here are some key qualities and attributes to look for when evaluating potential candidates:

Experience with Interactive and Multimedia Elements

Nowadays, as digital becomes more and more pervasive, exhibition organizers begin to involve interactive and multimedia in the show to make it more interesting and improve the experience. Seek designers who are familiar with these technologies and can handle touchscreens, augmented reality, projection mapping, interactive installations, and so forth. An exhibition designer, who is adept at incorporating these elements harmoniously into the layout design of the exhibition, will fully enhance the exhibition experience and wow effects.

Knowledge of Sustainable Design Practices

Sustainable exhibition design is no longer a fashion but a must because of its importance. Search for designers who are well-versed in the production of eco-friendly textiles and green materials. Indeed a path to sustainability conforms to ethics and can raise your exhibition's appeal for eco-conscious visitors and stakeholders.

Technical Proficiency

Apart from creativity, exhibition designers must have effective knowledge about the technical principles and construction related to the exhibition design as well. The designer should be comfortable working with an array of design tools, understand the basics of material and fabrication methods, and be able to transform conceptual designs into functional exhibits.


Using Creativepool

Looking to hire an exhibition designer in UK or anywhere around the globe? Creativepool has thousands of talented members waiting to make your project shine.

There are 3 ways for you to find an Exhibition Designer on Creativepool.

Search and Contact

Are you looking for more control over your collaborations and the selection process? Taking a proactive approach to talent scouting involves directly searching for talent and handpicking individuals you’d like to work with.

Here’s how it works: Simply search for exhibition designers and explore the results. You’ll have the opportunity to review their projects, CVs, and resumes, allowing you to make an informed decision for your next hire.

At Creativepool, we utilize a set of indicators to rank our members based on their job titles. By exploring the top 25 exhibition designers, you can efficiently discover the most talented individuals on our platform. However, don’t overlook the potential of finding untapped talent among our thousands of other skilled members.

Once you identify a professional whose style and experience align with your requirements, reach out to them directly by clicking on the message tab. If you have a specific vision for the type of creative professional you’d like to collaborate with, utilizing our search feature is the ideal approach.

Once you’ve discovered a professional whose style and experience resonate with your needs, reach out to them directly by clicking on the message tab. If you have a precise vision of the type of creative professional you’d like to collaborate with, searching is the ideal approach.

Post a studiogig 

Looking for a freelance exhibition designer? The quickest way to find available talent is to advertise your brief. With us, briefs for individuals are called studiogigs.

Posting your role is a simple process. Once you submit it, we kick into action behind the scenes to find the perfect talent for your requirements. After advertising your brief, all you need to do is sit back and wait for direct applications from interested candidates

Post a job 

If you are looking for a permanent exhibition designer, then advertising an exhibition designer job is the best way to attract talent. The process is identical to posting a studiogig.

Once you post your role, we’ll carefully review the advertisement details. We’ll then send job alerts to our community members who closely match your criteria, and your role will be prominently featured on our jobs board. Interested StudioGigs applicants will apply directly to you.

Whether you’re posting a job or a StudioGig, or if you’re searching for talent, rest assured that you retain full control over whom you choose to hire. There’s no obligation to select any of the applicants, and you can negotiate rates directly with them.

If you need any help on your talent hunt. You can chat with us or send us a message. We'd be happy to help.



When hiring an exhibition designer, you’re not just selecting an expert—you’re choosing a collaborator who shares your passion and commitment. With the right designer by your side, your exhibition becomes an engaging, unforgettable experience. Trust in the power of teamwork and imagination to bring your exhibition vision to life!

Image Credit- Shamiram Sogomonyan


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