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Creativepool is a fantastic place full of opportunities for any member in the community. We have thousands of jobs available each month catering to all the specialisms in the community, from design to copywriting and illustration. Given any creative skill, there’s probably a job on Creativepool for it. All you need to do is find the ones that are right for your experience.

Find jobs and gigs


If you are actively looking for a job and you would like to have more control over the jobs you see, or if you fear missing out on urgent opportunities, you can always browse our Jobs page to take a look at what’s available right now.

The best way to look for a job on Creativepool is by looking up your desired job title. You can also use keywords (graphic, design, copy, product etc.), though inputting a specific job title tends to yield better results. That said, it can help if you are looking to enter a specific field. Our internal search engine will look for a match in the keywords of the job advert, as well as the main copy and the job title itself; if you are looking for a job in healthcare, for instance, it may be worth putting ‘health’ as a keyword.

You will also be able to choose between Jobs and studiogigs (exclusive gigs available to certified studiopros), level of experience and seniority, as well as restrict the job query by geographical location.


At the top of the page you will always see our featured jobs for any given search term. These jobs are recommended by the Creativepool team and always come from companies we trust.

Once you've started a job search, you can sort by either relevance or closing date, and you can also browse all our jobs by job title. In this case, you will be able to pick from a list of job titles from a range of different sectors, from advertising to communications, media and fashion, to find the perfect job for your needs. The Job Titles page looks like this:


If you're looking to join a specific company or agency, you can also take a look at the companies which are currently advertising on Creativepool. This page is an A-Z list of all the companies, agencies and recruiters currently looking for talent on the platform.

Lastly, if you are interested in a job ad but don’t have time to apply now, you can save the job for later by clicking on the little star symbol to the right. These jobs will end up straight in your personal My Jobs page.

What are studiogigs?

To ensure clients get the best talent to solve their creative problems, only the best-in-class freelancers can apply for our studiogigs. These special jobs on Creativepool are only available to a select group of certified freelancers, specifically studiopros.

Becoming a studiopro on Creativepool means that you will be seen as one of the best freelancers in the industry. studiopros fill an application on our Studio page, which is then reviewed manually by the Creativepool team for approval. If you are approved, a studiopro badge will appear on your profile to help prospective clients identify you as one of the top freelancers on Creativepool. Once a member becomes a studiopro, studiogigs will be unlocked and you will be able to apply without restrictions.

Let the jobs find you

Setting up a job alert on Creativepool is quick and easy, and it only takes a few seconds. If you’ve completed your Work Settings, you can even use those to carry them over in your job alerts page.

In the Job Alerts page, you can choose a series of skills which are of interest to you, plus some locations where you would like to appear available. You can also specify if you are looking for Perm, Temp, Freelance, Full-Time, Part-Time or Remote opportunities, and you can set a skill level for the kind of jobs that will get to you.


Lastly, you can set up at which frequency you will receive our job alerts. If you select “Weekly Digest”, you will receive your job alerts on Mondays. If you opt in for the Instant option, you will receive a new job alert each time there’s a match for your desired role.

Your jobs

Once you've found a job that interests you, you can save it for later or apply straight away. In that sense, your My Jobs page is rather special. It holds all the jobs you’ve saved on Creativepool, so you can easily come back at any time, re-read what’s really of interest and choose the jobs you want to apply for.


You can save any job by clicking on the little star there, on the right.

The My Jobs page also contains a section dedicated to your Matching Jobs. The Creativepool algorithm will scour the website for jobs matching your skills and level of expertise, and this is where you can find the most relevant to you.

If you’ve applied for any job, the My Jobs page is where you will find all your past applications. You can see at a first glance if a job you’ve applied for has expired and you can look for similar jobs with the simple press of a button.


If you are an employer who’s advertised a role on the platform, this is also the page where you will find your listings.

Get found

It’s essential that you fill your profile before applying for any job. You don’t have to have a profile that is 100% complete, and it’s not mandatory to fill all the fields of your profile in order to apply, but it certainly does help. If you need some guidance on how to best fill your profile on Creativepool, make sure to check out our Creativepool Member Hacks #1 for more tips and advice!

If your profile is complete with all the key details, from specialism to bio and profile picture, you’re going to stand out more in the list of candidates for any given job. Better yet, you may consider uploading some projects so that you can truly showcase what you do. If you think you are the perfect candidate for the job, your Creativepool profile should say so.

You can also let your profile work for you while you're immersed in the job hunt. There are some Privacy Settings you can tweak to ensure talent hunters find you on the site. If you are available to receive opportunities, make sure to set your profile to "Available" – or, if you are temporarily unavailable, to "Unavailable Until Date." You should also ensure that your profile is public and searchable, both on Google and Creativepool, to maximise your chances of being found online.

Most jobs require you to upload your CV or resume in your work experience page. Once that is up and running, you can choose who can download it. Please note that by default this is set to let only your Connections/Companies access your CV/resume; if you would like to make it available to anyone landing on your page, you should do so from your Privacy Page as shown below.


Get ready to apply!

Once you find your dream job on Creativepool, all you need to do is apply. Applying for a job on Creativepool is easy and straightforward – simply navigate to the chosen job advert and click on the ‘Apply’ button.

If you try to apply for a job that does not match your level of seniority, location or sector experience, you will see a pop-up warning before you send your application. Some of these pop-ups will prevent you from applying altogether. If you think your skills match the advertised job, make sure to tweak your Work Settings to reflect that. The key fields that are checked are your job title, seniority and location.


If everything is set up the right way, you will be able to send an application in just a few clicks. You will have the chance to update your contact details before you send your application, and you can also attach a cover letter. For your convenience, we will always grab your cover letter from your About Me section – but you can copy and paste any text in the appropriate field. This is also your chance to upload an updated CV/resume.


A few cover letter and CV/resume tips: find creative ways to showcase your skills, in both. If you are a designer, the layout and colour scheme of your CV/resume should say so. If you’re a writer, your cover letter should tell a compelling story, hold the reader’s attention and demonstrate your skills as a storyteller. There’s a lot more to say about crafting a perfect CV/resume or showcasing your skills, so make sure to follow the Creativepool Magazine to not miss out on useful insights.

Once your application has been sent, all you need to do is wait for the hiring manager or employer to come back to you on the status of your application. They will get in touch through our bespoke Creativepool Candidate Management System if interested, or they will give you a call directly.

In the meantime, why not apply for a few more roles to maximise your chances?


Upgrade to Pro for a better chance to stand out!

If you want to stand out as an applicant, you should consider upgrading to a Pro Account. Pro account holders will automatically show up as Featured Applicants on any job, in a bespoke section placed at the top of the applicants list. You will also show up first in search results.

Of course being a Featured Applicant isn’t the only benefit of going Pro. Make sure to visit our Pro Accounts page for an overview of all the most relevant benefits for you!

How to find a job on Creativepool

As you can see, finding a job on Creativepool is incredibly easy and it only takes the necessary time to set up your profile and get started with your search.

Why not check out our Jobs page right now and start looking for your next role?

Header image: Rob Luckins for Fake Empire.


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