How to... Make sure you get paid for a freelance job.


We recently had a freelancer get in touch with us who had found a brief through the site, completed the work required – but still hadn't got paid.

Well, to help them and those who may be in a similar position, we have created these notification forms as a way of getting in touch with your employer and addressing the issue.

There are 3 forms for you to use throughout the process, a gentle reminder, a 14 day notice and a 7 day notice – they can all be downloaded below. We hope these will help towards getting the money you are owed.

1. Gentle reminder

2. Letter before action - 14 days

3. Letter before action - 7 days

These documents are offered as is and nothing is implied by their availability that this is an effective way for you to handle your debt collection issues. They are offered purely as examples or as information only pieces and no liability may be entered into with the supplier of said documents.


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