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Below lists the basic outline for what you should have in place on your Creative CV for the Design, Digital, Media, Games and Web CV.

You can follow this in the basic order that it is outlined below and this should give your CV an order that is widely accepted by employers. Remember when putting together your CV that you should not make it too "designed". A subtle and typographic led CV that is clear and concise will be better received than one with a reliance on imagery or fancy graphics.

Personal Details

Start with your name, address, telephone numbers, preferred e-mail address and nationality. You no longer need to include your date of birth.


This should be a few sentences or short paragraph describing your key skills and experience. Tailor it to the position you are applying for. Detail your professional status and career development along with your immediate ambitions. Keep it short and to the point.

Professional and Academic Qualifications

List your most recent achievements first. Unless you are a recent graduate or school leaver, your professional experience and qualifications will be most relevant. If you are including exam results give details of pass dates where possible.

Employment History

List all previous employment in reverse chronological order. Start with details of your current employment. Include name and location of employer, your job title and dates of employment. Use bullet points to outline the main responsibilities of the role. Remember to include key achievements and development relevant to your career objective. Wherever possible quantify and qualify with specific details that illustrate your skill base. Ensure that you account for any gaps in your employment history.


Unless they specifically relate to skill requirements of the position you're applying for, it is worth considering omitting the rather dated tradition of listing your personal interests. They take up valuable room on your CV that could be used to include more relevant information and in some cases they could actually lose you an interview!


Some applications may be supported by a portfolio of your work. State on your CV that a portfolio is available on request. If you have applied online or have an online portfolio make sure that you include the url to your site.


It is not necessary to include details of referees at this stage. However, you may want to state that references are available on request.



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