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A guide to reviewing your brand: 13 key questions

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We understand that a full-rebrand is a big deal and requires quite a level of commitment and valuable resources.

The strength of your brand gives you an advantage over your competitors, so we recommend re-assessing your branding every so often. This is a chance for you to reposition your business, improve your brand’s recognition and ultimately give your sales and marketing a boost.

Even if you have no plans to rebrand (or tweak your brand) soon, we suggest taking the time to ask yourself some questions to help you remember where your brand sits in what is likely a competitive market and ensure you're doing all you can to appeal to your audience.


Brand Review Guide

As a little project we suggest taking some time out over the next few weeks to think about the 13 questions below and jot down some notes on your thoughts…

1.  What do you like about your current brand identity?  Are there specific qualities or elements that you like about your current brand? Maybe it’s the colour or shape of your logo or simply your brand name...

2.  What don’t you like about your current brand identity? Does your logo or website look a bit dated or does the strapline seem a bit too convoluted now?

3.  What’s the story behind your current brand? Brands are driven by storytelling, spill the beans – the good, the bad and the ugly.

4.  Name a few examples of brands you admire; there’s really no way around it, branding isn’t an exact science, but rather a personal response. By seeing some examples of other brands you admire (either in your industry or outside) can help start building a more informed vision.

5.  Thinking of these brands, what specific qualities do you admire about them? Their simplicity, tone of voice, etc?

6.  Are there any adjectives you associate with your brand? Think of at least three words that you would like to hear a loyal customer use to describe it.

7.  Where do you see your brand in 10 years?

8.  Who’s your ideal client? The rebrand isn’t just for your existing client base – it’s beneficial to understand who your future clients are going to be too.

9.  Who are your direct competitors?

10.  What does the industry look like? How are other companies in your space approaching their marketing and branding? Who do you think are the most forward-thinking or daring and who do you think are a little stuck in the past?

11.  What are your ideal customers’ biggest pain points? It’s good to know what exactly your customers struggle with. A common example we see is it can be difficult to navigate websites.

12.  Why should your target audience choose your product or service above your competitors? What specific factors make your business unique? Developing a brand that stands out (especially in a competitive industry) is all about differentiation. And nobody knows what makes your business unique better than you.

13.  Are there any audiences you aren’t currently reaching that you’d like to? Are there any untapped sources of new business you’ve previously had difficulty reaching?


Hopefully this has sparked some points of thought around your brand and reassurance that you're doing well when it comes to branding. It may also become the impetus to make you reconsider or change some elements of your current brand to help keep it fresh, current and relevant.


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