8 Tips on how to prepare for your interview

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1. First Impressions Count

A good handshake + eye contact is key. You need to sell yourself and the first 30 seconds are when the interviewer subconsciously makes decisions, so make it count.

Jessica O’Dell • Principle Consultant • Specialist in PR (Creative Agency)

2. Prepare a case study

Show enthusiasm for at least one of the agency’s campaigns; Have a case study ready with information on the company for your meeting

Jack Field • Consultant • Specialist in PR (Creative Agency)

3. Research, research, research

Don’t just research the company but research the people you are meeting with, ask them questions about their own career, what keeps them in the role and what both them and their team are like etc.

Paidraic Carey • Consultant • Specialist in Social + Content (Digital Agency)

4. It’s not all about you

Remember interviews are a two-way meeting, so remember to ask questions and show a genuine interest in your potential new employers. If you feel that all of your questions were answered during the interview, say so and ask what the next steps are.

Amy Willson • Consultant • Specialist in Tech + Development (Digital Agency)

5. Don’t only talk about the agency you’re interviewing for

Make sure you look in to 2 pieces of work that have been created by another agency. Then in your interview notes jot down the following, - Where they found the work - Which agency did it - Why they like it - What challenges the agency could have faced when creating the work - Any tangible results i.e. Awards This shows that you can analyse others.

Graham Symon • Associate Director • Specialist in Digital Creative + Design (Digital Agency)

6. Don’t go in empty handed

You wouldn’t go into a meeting empty handed, so apply the same principle to your interview. Take a notepad in with you and have the names of your interviewer(s) jotted down at the top. This shows you’ve come in prepared and that they have your full attention.

Ross Summers • Associate Director • Specialist in Planning + Strategy (Creative Agency)

7. Be on time

Arrive with enough time to spare but not too early, being there 30-45 mins before your interview time can put pressure on the interviewer to see you sooner. However, 10-15 mins is a good time. DON’T be late. If unforeseen circumstances mean you’re running late, tell your interviewer or Recruitment Consultant as soon as possible.

Prim Raymond • Manager • Digital Project Management + Production (Digital Agency)

8. Be positive + relax

Lastly, it’s easy to forget to relax during your interview but remember this time isn’t just about the agency getting to know you, it’s also for you to see if the agency is the right fit for you. So remember to smile, be enthusiastic about your current role and have fun.

Jess Moore • Senior Consultant • Client Services (Creative Agency)

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