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5 smart ways to use social media to grow your business in 2022

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The role of social media in marketing is usually underestimated only by those who have never dealt regularly with blogs or business pages. Simply put, if you are the owner of any new commercial organisation or you do anything that can generate income, you should create an SM account sooner rather than later.

Thanks to direct contact with a potential audience, social networks will help you build relationships with customers and business partners much faster and increase both sales and income. Luckily, you have many ways to use information collected on social media and promote your business through them.

Provide Relevant and Interesting Content

Speaking of effective promotion, high-quality content should always be your primary concern. Any specialist will say that promotion on social networks and search engines depends on the quality of publications. A bland page will never grab the attention of new subscribers and it can make you lose existing ones.

So, post interesting and unique content that goes beyond just a couple of lines of text and distinguishes you from competitors. You can create it with the help of digital tools, downloadable or available via a web browser. They offer a wide choice of templates, layouts, images, and other design elements complemented with basic editing features or even advanced options like adding animation online.

Also, make sure to systematically update your profile. Depending on the specifics of a business and the activity of its target audience, the frequency of adding materials varies from two to seven times a week. Topics of your posts should usually be relevant to your business,  of course, but you can deviate from the main theme to discuss something interesting to your followers and keep them engaged.

Choose Your Perfect Social Media Platform

Now it is time to figure out where to publish your content. Due to the wide variety of social networking websites, you need to choose the right one for increasing brand awareness. It all depends on your goal and target audience.

In short, Facebook is suitable for any business, but it is most effective in promoting products to a premium audience. If you have visually appealing products that can be filmed and photographed in many different ways, go to Instagram. If you are looking for employees, sponsors, business partners, and other professional contacts, sign up for LinkedIn.

In case you are targeting young users, opt for TikTok and YouTube. You should not limit yourself to one platform, but note that you need to put time and effort into maintaining the high quality of your accounts.

Advertise Your Business on Social Media

Targeted advertising is the most common promotion tool focused on a specific segment of the target audience. There are several types of targeting:

  • Geographical — an advertisement is shown to the audience located in a specific area.
  • Socio-demographic — an ad message is customised based on gender, age, marital status, and other social criteria.
  • Contextual — an advertising message is shown in accordance with users’ preferences and your business area. For instance, if a person joins accounts related to fashion or shopping, he or she may become a potential customer of an online clothing store.
  • Behavioural — in this case, an ad is selected in line with certain actions of the user, such as search queries, frequently visited resources, travel routes, etc.

Another option is placing advertisements in established communities. If your goal is to attract users to your page on a selected social network, buying a post or repost would be a profitable solution. However, publishing sponsored content in more popular accounts implies a higher cost.

Foster Customer Interaction

High-quality content will attract potential customers, which will increase your income and, as a result, become a reason for expansion. At this stage, it is very important to interact with your audience.

Take into account users’ comments and ideas, thereby showing your loyalty and interest. You should respond to their reviews, hashtags, and messages. It is also recommended that you use customer testimonials in your online campaigns to add some personal colour.

Keep Track of Trends

People are always interested in new products and opportunities. By smartly applying the hottest social media trends to your page, you will signalise that you are keeping up with the times and that your products are also relevant.

In addition, social media algorithms are always aimed at what people like the most, and therefore, following the trends will help to promote your business account.


If used efficiently, social media will allow you to increase sales, expand into a professional network of acquaintances and grow a base of regular customers who are ready to buy your products again and recommend them to other people.


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