5 Sectors to find Creative Jobs after the Pandemic

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Clearly, this has been an interesting year for everyone in the creative industry.

Whether you are in the music industry, in live events, production or freelancing (aka: trying to hold onto your clients), 2020 has brought a new, unprecedented range of challenges for everybody and many are left wondering what comes next.

Which job sectors will remain strong post-Covid?

Some sectors have obviously been hit harder. Live events have never been struggling this much, with some companies still trying to work out when and if in-person events will be feasible at some point in early 2021. The showbiz is in a much similar predicament, with too much uncertainty right now when it comes to the actual fate of the theatre and cinema industry.

While some of these sectors will certainly come back quite strong, others will have to adapt and find new ways to survive. But this is perhaps something for another occasion entirely. If anything, we can already guess which sectors (creative and not) will still be quite strong post-pandemic, if not stronger than when the outbreak started.

Whether this is the time for you to re-skill or start planning for the future, you may want to think about what to do after the pandemic, and you may want to start preparing for that too. There won’t be another chance to learn new skills and dive into new opportunities. If you’ve been considering a career change or a way to expand your skills in the coming months, these are the sectors that you could consider.


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1. Gaming

There are few arts as complete as game design. If you’re part of a game studio, you could literally do anything; character designs, environment concepts, graphic designs for social media, trailers, 3D models, down to writing the actual story of the game and possibly programming its mechanics, too.

Games have come a long way since Pong and Pac-Man hit the arcade rooms. They are complete, comprehensive works of art that encompass different fields. Pair that with the soaring profits of the gaming industry during the pandemic, and you should well gauge the extent of how big video games will still be when this is all over.

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2. Tech

Needless to say, the technology sector will still be having a blast. Social media and tech companies have been quite strong during the pandemic, and though Google has had to cut thousands of jobs back in March, it seems that now the whole matter has become stable again.

This doesn’t open opportunities only to computer sciences graduates, programmers and software engineers; AI, VR and AR will still be strong for sure, and machine learning is one of the biggest trends for the future, but creatives will still be appreciated too. Especially thanks to our analytical skills and creative thinking. It will be a competitive scene for sure – but one that may offer plenty of opportunities in the future.

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3. Food retail brands

Ah, the good old rush for toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic. Who could expect there would even be such an issue in the first place? And yet, supermarkets have seen record numbers during this pandemic, while the hospitality sector went down and further down each month.

And who’s going to handle all their comms, collateral and campaigns when this is all over? You guessed it. Might be time to start looking for your next creative agency – or perhaps to find a way into that in-house brand team you’ve been craving to be a part of.

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4. Media & Comms

Of course the media and communications industries have always gone hand in hand with the creative sector. Writers, graphic designers and illustrators will still be in high demand, and it’s not like the broadcasting sector is going to plunge all of a sudden, that’s for sure. Plus, if you’ve ever considered a career in journalism, this might be the right time to do it.

For all the marketers and communicators out there, a career in PR can still be a good option for you. Brands and agencies will always need someone to handle their comms, and albeit for a different time, it might be worth trying to put your diplomatic skills into practice for a digression in the PR sector. Not only this can help you develop new skills, but it will also enable you to understand the intricacies and the unspoken mechanisms of the creative industry. Plus, who knows? You may even fall in love with the work and make it your life career!

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5. Film Production

I wanted to end this on a positive note. Film production will make a comeback, and I’m sure it will be fierce. There are too many advancements being developed as we speak in remote music collaboration, remote filming and more, to ensure the production process still moves on and delivers amazing stories for all of us to experience.

Even lockdown hasn’t stopped some of the best Christmas campaigns from coming to life. Social-distanced and Covid-compliant shoots, remote shootings and plenty of calls on Zoom will be needed – and you may encounter a lockdown or two preventing you from wrapping up that shoot just in time. But you will find a way. People will never stop looking for stories – and this is a great time to learn how to tell them!

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And if all seems lost… Try freelancing!

Yes, I know, it might not sound like the smartest advice of all. Especially knowing that most freelancers will struggle for a while before going back on track. But the platforms for you to start as a freelancer are out there, and even Creativepool can provide a place for you to share your work and gain some exposure.

This is probably not the best time to start a freelance career, but it might be the best time to start planning it. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for in terms of career development, perhaps it’s time to build your own business and become your own boss. You will still have some months to hone your business skills – and beware that it will be a competitive field for a long time – but you shouldn’t be discouraged by the circumstances. If going freelance seems to be the way for you… By all means, you must try!

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