The Most Viewed Video in Facebook History, Powered by User-Generated Video

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The results are in - people love to watch ordinary people do extraordinary things. A couple months ago, Jukin Media’s beloved content brand People Are Awesome published “Best of the Year So Far!” and it quickly became a viral hit. 

In fact, after just a few weeks, the video was viewed more than 500 million times, making it the most viewed video in Facebook history.

To earn the title of the most viewed video on Facebook, producers blended user-generated videos into an awe-inspiring story and published it through a curated digital destination where fans thrive on positivity and motivation. Just like the performances in the video, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Across all our People Are Awesome channels, the fans power the content. After years of monitoring the pulse of user-generated video, Jukin Media began building a cross-platform publishing brand specifically to showcase the most amazing video creators from across the globe. In other words, we set out to showcase ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

The People Are Awesome producers are tasked with highlighting top athletes, performers, and enthusiasts from across the globe by publishing UGC videos that help uniquely talented people connect with millions of like-minded fans.

Discovering Extraordinary Videos

Each month thousands of video creators send hoping-to-be-viral videos to People Are Awesome just for a chance to be featured on our channels. However, the People Are Awesome universe is not limited to video submissions. Our video scout team is trained to search and identify videos that possess that special je ne sais quoi which separates an extraordinary video from the ordinary. Experts sift through thousands of video clips every day to find the truly special ones, after which a producer will reach out with a partnership offer to that will allow People Are Awesome to feature the video on YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms. 

The possibility of wide-reaching exposure to People Are Awesome’s 20+ million followers on social media, and potential revenue through user-generated video licensing, are the drivers behind the demand to be featured by the brand.

How Ordinary People’s Videos Produced an Extraordinary Story

“Best of the Year so Far!” tells a story of human ingenuity, creativity and resilience. Perhaps it's the rush of watching someone walk across a wall like they’re the Prince of Persia, or the joy we feel radiating off a kid while he accelerates over snow on his new skis, that connects people so deeply to the content. As amazing as each individual moment is, ultimately, it takes a deep understanding of trends, the audience, and user-generated video to enable our producers to surface the perfect moments for every story beat. People Are Awesome’s audience development team is constantly analyzing data to better know its fans. Share velocity, audience sentiment, and reaction ratio all played a role in identifying the best content to be featured in this video.

That is to say, all of the videos featured in the five-minute short were hand selected based on shared characteristics of high performing People Are Awesome content. Our producers are experts at combing through submissions to identify videos that will fill-in their creative vision. Leveraging data and deep audience understanding to cohesively connect all of these incredible video moments, perfectly timed with a great song is what made internet history.

The Proof is in the Video

Sure, you probably want some stats to prove the video is as awesome as we say it is. Here they are:

500+ million views
7 million shares
700 million minutes watched

But, the only proof you really need is to see for yourself: